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Ants are among the most widespread and successful insects in the world. According to some estimates it is thought that there are more than 20,000 species of ants world-wide, of which only about 8800 have been identified so far. Ants are believed to have evolved from aculeate (stinging) wasps in the late-middle Cretaceous period more than 80 million years ago.
There are many species of ants in the Albuquerque area, so this page gives links to pages dealing with some of the more problematic species, as well as a simple key for identifying which ants you may be dealing with.

I am continually constructing and updating these pages, so please check back, or send me any questions you may have to: Manager@PiedPiperPestControl.com

Argentine Ants
Carpenter Ants
Odorous House
Odorous House Ants
Harvester Ants
Pavement Ants
Pharaoh Ants
Acrobat Ants
CrazyCrazy Ants