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Acrobat Ants

Acrobat ants (Crematogaster spp.) are called "acrobats" because they raise their abdomen up over their head and thorax when disturbed. They have a two-segmented petiole, eleven-segmented antenna with 3-segmented club at the end, one pair of spines on their thorax and a gaster which is heart shaped when viewed from above. Workers are monomorphic, 1/10 to 1/6 inch (2.5 to 4 mm) long and in the Albuquerque area are usually reddish in front with a dark abdomen. I often find them nesting beneath paving stones and inhabiting vines. They often enter houses along vines that grow up against or near the wall of the house or along utility lines and can live in woodwork, particularly door and window frames. These ants are known to build structures out of earth or plant materials around aphids and other honeydew producing insects and tend them in a sort of farming operation.